Short Stories

Read a selection of Tom Lucas' short stories below.  Full stories are available to purchase for a small fee.

the-outsiderbubble (1)

The Outsider - The Crucifixion

He came into town, this weary and tired travelling salesman. He had joined a caravan heading East and decided that he would get off at the next town. When the caravan reached the outskirt of the city walls he got off and walked the last mile on foot. As a travelling salesman he was used to long arduous journeys, sometime dangerous journeys. His travels took him far and wide across different countries. His load was never heavy as he traded in jewels and precious stones. Upon reaching the city gates he found himself facing a boisterous crowd congregating at the city walls. There was a carnival atmosphere with plenty of singing, dancing, and drinking. The atmosphere was one of heightened excitement like the time he visited the ‘Games’ at the Coliseum in Rome. As he looked around the crowd his eyes were drawn to 3 women who clearly were not enjoying themselves in fact the opposite was the case. They looked frightened and scared as the huddled together against the city wall. It was Clear that they were not in a party mood....

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The Outsider - The Upper Room

He hung about the upper room like a bad smell. He could hear voices and the occasional laughter, then all of a sudden it went very quiet. Too quiet for him.

A cold wind blew dust in his face as the door of the house was flung open. Terrified, he stepped back into the shadows, but no-one came up the stairs. Stealthily, he tiptoed to the door where they had all gathered. It appeared to be some sort of celebration – or was it? He had only come along to help with the preparation of the meal. He was an ‘outsider’ with little or no connection to the house.