Tom Lucas, founder of Head to Head, is an established author. Details of his two books can be found below.


Just Help Yourself

Just Help Yourself offers an alternative approach to dealing with life's stressful times by placing the emphasis on Common Sense Psychology (CSP). This technique focuses on understanding that the real solutions to problems lies within us, not in external sources, and can be uncovered simply by using a little common sense.

Using tips that Tom has picked up from over fifteen years working with top sporting professionals and business owners, this book will give you practical advice and support to take those initial steps to recognising that you, and only you, have the power to change the situation you find yourself in. After reading this book you will:

  • Embrace challenges and difficulties, rather than fear them
  • Recognise your talents and abilities
  • Understand that nobody can make you unhappy - unless you let them
  • Be able to follow your dreams and achieve true happiness
  • Have improved self confidence

Andrew Lucas

A son's journey to discovering the real story of his father's life.

From abandonment as a young child through abuse at the hands of relatives and authority figures, and on to a life of hardship, adventure and danger on the high seas. In particular, the challenges of being part of the Atlantic Convoy transporting vital supplies to war-torn Britain.

It also tells the story behind the award of five medals which went unclaimed due to his disillusionment with the establishment's treatment of the brave men of the Merchant Navy.