About Head to Head

Established in 1994, Tom Lucas has helped thousands through Head to Heads range of services and network of speakers

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About Tom Lucas

Tom Lucas established Head to Head in 1994. Prior to starting Head to Head Tom was a middle distance/ marathon athlete. After finishing competing Tom became a Sprints Coach.

It was during this period that Tom discovered that some of his athletes could only "perform" in training and when it came to the competitive arena they could not replicate or reproduce their performances. Embarking on a mission to find out why this was the case, Tom found himself undertaking a Masters Degree in Sports Science under the tutelage of Professor Peter Radford.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Tom quickly gained a reputation in the sporting arena, especially in professional football. However it was dealing with the sports persons “mind” that Tom gained his greatest results. By 1994 Tom was appointed Sport Psychologist to Celtic FC. Along with several others Tom was instrumental in establishing a Sports Science Team. Following on from that Tom became freelance and established Head to Head. Tom has since enjoyed success with a variety of individuals and sports.

To date Head to Head has expanded. This expansion has included providing seminars / courses in Stress Management, Business Coaching/Mentoring, Motivational courses /seminars. Head to Head has been involved with a variety of Sports and Businesses.

Head to Head has established a network of speakers, venues, specialists that can provide the best entertaining training course/ event/seminar.   Head to Head has a wide network of speakers, sportsmen/women and specialists from other disciplines that can make training days fun and exciting. Whether it is motivation, stress management or life-style changes Head to Head can meet individual or organisational requirements. Head to Head can provide individual consultations as well as corporate/ organisational seminars.

Why not contact Head to Head on tom@headtohead.org.uk to discuss your requirements

Tom Lucas
M.Ed., BA (Hons.) Dip. Soc. (Oxon.) Dip. Psy.