Business & Sports Mentoring

Established in 1994, Tom Lucas has helped thousands through Head to Heads range of services and network of speakers

Business Mentoring

“Why do some people need a business coach/mentor?”

The answer can be quite simple. Sometimes in the pressure of everyday business individuals can succumb to the intolerable need to become more efficient, more effective and more productive.

It is well known that many business people in the UK spend more time at work than many of their counterparts in Europe. This over-emphasis on work can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety, fatigue, relationship difficulties and many other associated issues.

Head to Head has developed a novel approach to business coaching/ mentoring. With its emphasis on a life/work balance and specifically targeting a “quality” of life as the central theme, Head to Head has positively enhanced the life-style of many individuals.

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Sports Mentoring

Head to Head has been involved in Sport Psychology for many years.

Its clients, some of which you may recognise below, have ranged from the amateur to the professional and Olympic level. Sport Psychology can improve your performance in your sport. By embracing sport Psychology you can enhance your love in sport, increase your participation, reduce anxiety, realise your goals and enjoy your sport even more.

The great Arnold Palmer once said that “golf was 90% between the ears - on reflection it is more than that – its 95%” With actual playing time in a round of golf around 23-25 minutes in 3-4 hours it is not hard to imagine that a lot of things can go wrong in that time.

The mind is a great friend if you control it – but a great opponent if you don’t.

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