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What ever your mountain is, conquer it with Head to Head.

Tom Lucas has been providing renowned business coaching, sports mentoring and counselling since 1994.

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Tom Lucas




About Head to Head

Tom Lucas established Head to Head in 1994. Prior to starting Head to Head Tom was a middle distance/ marathon athlete. After finishing competing Tom became a Sprints Coach. He went on to complete a Masters Degree in Sports Science under the tutelage of Professor Peter Radford. By 1994 he was appointed Sport Psychologist to Celtic FC. Head to Head continued to expand, working with various sports and business men and women, and now offers various services to day.

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Just Help Yourself

Just Help Yourself offers an alternative approach to dealing with life's stressful times by placing the emphasis on Common Sense Psychology (CSP). This technique focuses on understanding that the real solutions to problems lies within us, not in external sources, and can be uncovered simply by using a little common sense. Using tips that Tom has picked up from over fifteen years working with top sporting professionals and business owners, this book will give you practical advice and support to take those initial steps to recognising that you, and only you, have the power to change the situation you find yourself in.

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