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Don't just take our word for it. Head to Head has helped many people overcome challenges and achieve the - seemingly - impossible. Read just a few of our reviews below.

Jock Brown

I have had the privilege of knowing Tom for more than 20 years, as a colleague initially, and then as a close friend.

Throughout that time I have found him to be a complete professional in everything he does, but with a special added ingredient. He cares. He treats every task as a personal mission and can be trusted implicitly.

Combine that with unbridled enthusiasm for life in general and sport, in particular, and a wicked, unforgiving sense of humour, and you have a special man. Wasted at Oxford – should have been with the good guys at Cambridge!

Gordon Sherry

I met Tom some 8 years ago. I realised that the golf students I was coaching needed more than just technical advice. Tom challenged each and every one individually and more than anything simply questions everything that we do to ensure that the goals set are not lost.

Whether it be golf or any other sport Tomhas taught me that perhaps we don't need Sports Psychologists but everyday life requires Psychology.

With this in mind Tom is the perfect person to help you stay focused on your objectives. He will help you see the truth, be honest and change your habits. Above all though he is a true gent and I'm honoured to call him a friend.

Paul Kelly

Tom has been a brilliant support and real influence on many of the decisions I have made in both life and business. His ability to lead you to the core of the issue and support you as you sort it out is a real gift. Tom has worked with myself to help me address issues in my personal life, however, he has also helped me shape my businesses and I have sent staff to see him in order to help inspire, motivate and direct them.

Dr. Paul Clooney

Tom has been a great help over the last 5 years. At first my goal was to take an hour off my marathon time and we achieved this in a year. When I realised that his techniques could be applied to other areas I found that this helped me focus more on my professional life as a business owner and a dentist. With Tom's skill, experience and good humour, he continues to help me improve my amateur running and professional life.  If only I'd done this sooner.....

Terry Butcher

Tom Lucas gave us a big lift with his inspirational talks to the players. It is no co-incidence that we have done really well!

Malcolm Mackay

Tom was very instrumental in my career with his positive guidance. I can only thank him for that. I wish Tom all the best."